2nd International seminar 2011


In 2006, "the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment" published approaches for evaluating the social performance of companies involved in commodity chains. Some suggested the way to assess the social impacts of commodity chains. Since some of these approaches were developed, were implemented through case studies and the work of UNEP-social SETAC LCA produced "Guidelines for social analysis of the product life cycle "(June 2009). Various laboratories are developing databases. 
The seminar social LCA of Montpellier, is an extension to that which was held May 31, 2010 at DTU (Denmark) by Dr. Louise Camilla Dreyer. Its purpose is to review recent developments in some approaches to social LCA. Without pretending to cover the field exhaustively, it is to discuss models and methods being developed. This seminar is primarily intended for scientific evaluation of social commodity chains in companies and researchers interested in social LCA. One axis is the comparison of different families of approaches currently in development. The seminar is organized in Montpellier by a multi-institutional team of researchers in the humanities and social sciences who work together on social LCA. We hope this event will identify the different teams of researchers working on these issues in the world, or at least in Europe. We invite them to come forward and participate in this seminar.

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Conferences and debates will be in English

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