Training Course - March 14-18 2016

Research Training Course "Social Life Cycle Assessment, application to the agriculture and agrifood" - March 14-18 2016

The SocCem seminars have generated the emergence of a community of scholars invested in the social assessment of the life cycle. The Special Issue of the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment is part of this movement of enthusiasm. However, research is still underdeveloped and very dispersed. LCA conference hosting "social LCA" or "sustainability assessment" sections, struggle to renew quality papers.

The idea of ​​this Research Training Course arose from the need to take stock of the research program on social impact assessment (rather than performance), known as "Social LCA of pathways." The aim is to give new impetus to this program.

Will be addressed the issues of epistemological positions, founding theories, research objects definition, system boundaries, proximities / differences with the environmental LCA, conceptual models indicating the nature of impacts, consideration of participation, calculation of impacts, and implementation on the ground.

The Research Training Course of Sète will be the opportunity to share with all interested researchers, the ambition to work together on the social consequences of the existence and the changes in life cycles.

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