This seminar is organized by scientific teams of three research institutes: CIRAD (UR26-Market News Service), Cemagref (UMR ITAP) and University of Montpellier 1 (UMR Art-Dev), under the auspices of the ELSA pole. These teams collaborate through the ELSA-Social LCA scientific animation network. This multidisciplinary group develops researches contributing to the conceptual framework and the development of social LCA. Its experimental proving grounds are located both in the North and in the South, mainly in agricultural sectors.


- Cirad
- Cemagref
- Université Montpellier 1

with contribution of  :

- Agropolis
- Compagnie Fruitière
- Plateforme ecotech-LR
- Ecotool - FP7 - Marie Curie Action - International research staff exchange scheme (IRSES) 
Ecotool: amélioration des outils d’ACV pour l’évaluation de la durabilité des systems forestiers et agricoles et des écotechnologies

Scientific Committee

  • Catherine Macombe (Cemagref)
  • Denis Loeillet (CIRAD)
  • Michel Garrabé (UM1)
  • Pauline Feschet (CIRAD)

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